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Flower Agate Stretch Bracelet

Flower Agate Stretch Bracelet

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Flower Agate is a newly discovered crystal found in Madagascar in 2018. In it's short time on the market, it has grown quickly in popularity among collectors, jewelers and healers.  It's color is predominantly a soft, feminine light pink with plumes of cream, dark brown and white. Cross-sections reveal a flower-like structure, which is where the stone gets its name.

Our bracelets are hand made with 8mm natural Flower Agate stone beads and high quality elastic for durability. Stretch bracelets are suited for all sizes and super easy to take on and off. Our Flower Agate bracelets look great on their own but also stack beautifully with other gemstone bracelets like Rose Quartz and Aura Quartz. (See our collection) 

Healers use Flower Agate as a stone of growth and purpose. It's positive radiant energy is said to enhance motivation and forward motion, halting procrastination and stagnation.


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